Monday, January 16, 2012

Is Miss Kitty Stray Cold?

Many of the friends of Bloomsbury, specifically friends of Miss Kitty Stray, have asked about her and winter. Miss Kitty Stray elects to be an outside cat. With our weather continuing to be cold, with some freezing, we have found a winter plan that she loves.

She spends most of her time on the veranda of Bloomsbury. In fact, on cold days like today, she spends most of her time in her house. She has a good-sized, heated cat house. It is not bothered by guest traffic; it is up off the cold porch; it offers two ways in and out; it does not snow or rain into the house, and, it offers heat when she is in the house. Yes, an automated pad heats the inside when she makes contact with it. And, she keeps her favorite cat blanket inside the house.

Since food and hydration are also essential during really cold weather. She has her own feeding station. She is fed dry food twice a day, and she constantly has fresh water. A tiny pinch of sugar keeps the water from freezing too quickly and it gives her a little energy boost. On really cold days, she gets wet food which is easier to digest in really cold temps.

It is true that she prefers spring weather, but she also loves her heated house.

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Wateree Animal Hospital said...

Looks like you have it made, Miss Kitty Stray!